Government Strategies, Inc. and photo of California capitol building

Government Strategies, Inc. (GSI) is a Sacramento based lobbying and government relations firm that represents a broad array of clients before the California Legislature, Governor Brown, and Executive branch agencies and commissions.

GSI is strategically aligned and positioned to advocate and assist to meet the goals and priorities of their clients. GSI is well versed in the principles of management and strategic planning and has overseen numerous initiatives involving lobbying, strategic planning, public affairs and consulting.

As a firm, GSI has an impressive track record and brings many years of experience, historical successes and relationships with Governors, legislative and other influential leaders. GSI has represented and worked closely with high tech industries, research institutions, economic development, energy, renewable and sustainable issues, environmental issues, telecommunications, business chambers, economic development arena, innovative business and workforce development sectors in California. GSI has worked closely with the Governor and other leaders at the state, local and regional government levels, academia and the private sector who have an interest or can impact the policies of their clients.

GSI's strategy and approach is a public affairs emphasis as well as a policy or political approach. It is my strong belief that the legislative and political environment does not allow any kind of plan to be static as things are ever changing and we must be ready to change course as appropriate. The execution of the plan must be nimble and adjustable enough to add or change options and timing of the proposed plan. GSI's priority is to enhance our clients' profile and influence statewide. GSI has, and will continue to, forge partnerships and collaborations and ensure full representation where appropriate.